Free university scholarships in Canada: the top 5

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Canada has many prestigious universities and institutions, offering excellent education and training that will not only get you started on your career but can also be the basis of even more success in the future. If you’re wondering how to go to university in Canada, it pays to do your research first, because there are several different options to choose from and some are better than others depending on your needs and skills. This article will help you decide where you want to go, what scholarships you can apply for, and how to make sure you get the best deal possible – it’s all about choice!

1) University of Toronto
The University of Toronto has over 100,000 students, employs 6,000 full-time faculty members and staff. More than 40 per cent of U of T’s undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid and there are over 600 programs to choose from. This multi-campus university is consistently ranked as one of Canada’s best schools—and it was recently awarded a $150 million donation from an anonymous donor to advance research into AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders. Scholarships range from $1,200-$10,000 for domestic students. International students should apply for entrance awards or merit-based awards instead; most amount to about $2,500 per year. The deadline for completing your application is February 15. Find out more at

2) University of British Columbia
With over 65 undergraduate and graduate programs and a wide range of research institutes, UBC is a great place to get a degree. More than $1 million in scholarships are awarded every year. The awards are based on demonstrated financial need and academic merit. Students must be citizens or permanent residents of Canada to qualify for admission; international students can apply for academic entrance awards as well as other types of funding. Other requirements vary depending on what type of award you’re applying for, but everyone must meet minimum GPA requirements (80% or higher) in order to qualify. Find out more about scholarships at UBC here.

3) Simon Fraser University
SFU is one of Canada’s fastest growing universities and provides close to 200 graduate programs and more than 100 degree options. With its main campus located right on Burnaby Mountain and branch campuses scattered around Metro Vancouver, SFU has won many awards for academic excellence. If you live in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, you may be eligible for a scholarship through SFU Scholarships & Entrance Awards program. Scholarships are worth up to $7,000 per year and must be used within one year of being awarded. To apply, simply fill out an application form available at .

4) University of Calgary
Located in Alberta, Canada, The University of Calgary is a public research institution. Established in 1966 and originally named King’s College, it was renamed to its current name when Queen Elizabeth II granted it Royal Charter. According to U of C’s 2013 Annual Report, 92 per cent of incoming students are directly from high school (compared to 90 per cent for Canadian universities), and 56 per cent receive their degrees within four years (compared to 50 per cent for all Canadian universities). All students who enroll at U of C start with a general degree and must take between three and five options classes. There are more than 160 student clubs and organizations at U of C. University of Calgary is one of Alberta’s leading post-secondary institutions, with an international reputation for research and academic excellence. The University of Calgary attracts exceptional students from around the world, providing opportunities to study side by side with accomplished faculty and staff. As a community of scholars dedicated to discovery, learning and leadership, we set our own course as one of Canada’s most enterprising universities. Our goal is to shape a better future through teaching, scholarship and community engagement. The U of C offers an array of financial aid options for Canadian students such as entrance awards, bursaries, research fellowships and teaching assistantships, among others.

5) McGill University
McGill is one of Canada’s leading research universities. At McGill, international students are awarded several types of financial assistance, including aid for living expenses, awards for academic excellence and bursaries for Canadian students. According to McGill University website, international undergraduate students can apply to receive a $2,000 entrance scholarship upon acceptance. The award automatically renews each year of study if you maintain full-time status (eight courses per term) and an average GPA of 3.0 or better. A variety of additional awards are available through different faculties at McGill University; however it’s important to keep in mind that most only cover tuition fees and don’t include room and board. For more information on how to apply for these awards, visit McGill’s International Students page.

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