The 5 Best Universities in Poland Offering Free Scholarships

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College can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life, but it doesn’t come cheap. The average cost of attending a public university in the U.S., for example, is over $20,000 per year (and more than $40,000 at private schools). Fortunately, there are some universities that give out full scholarships and financial aid—so you won’t have to worry about high tuition or student loans. Here are five top universities in Poland that offer free scholarships.

1. University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw is a public research university located in Warsaw, Poland. It was established on January 18, 1816. The university has now 23 faculties and approximately 45,000 students. It is by far one of the most prestigious universities in Poland as well as all around Europe. They have highly recognized study programs like languages and social sciences, economics and business administration, information science, physics and astronomy etc. All these departments are providing scholarships to their meritorious students who come from various parts of India such as Gujarat , Rajasthan , Delhi , Punjab etc. The amount of scholarship ranges from 25% to 100% which depends upon student’s merit, family income etc. In addition, they also provide accommodation facility for outstation students and also cover their boarding & lodging expenses.

2. Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

This public university has a three-year undergraduate program that offers full scholarships to all students. The only requirement is good grades in high school. To apply, students must write an essay on their choice of a topic related to modern humanities and submit it together with their transcripts and a list of extracurricular activities they have participated in during high school. There are no specific fields of study offered at NCU, but they provide a wide range of subjects, including philosophy, law, education and economics. Incoming freshmen who meet GPA requirements have up to 30 credits granted as part of their scholarship package (which covers tuition for the entire degree). Apart from free tuition, NCU provides accommodation for each student at no cost throughout their coursework period through residence halls located close to campus. Students also receive a monthly stipend of around $300 to cover living expenses.

3. University of Wrocław

The University of Wrocław is one of four state-funded universities located in Lower Silesia. This research-intensive school is particularly strong in mathematics, physics, and medical studies. The cost for an international student for one semester is about 200 euros, which can be waived by a written confirmation from your home country’s embassy that you are receiving a scholarship from them. These scholarships include not only money but tuition as well. Applications open December 1 and close February 28 each year; students should apply 6 months before they want to start their studies here. #2 Adam Mickiewicz University: Also located in Wroclaw, Adam Mickiewicz University is another great option for those who wish to study abroad on a free scholarship. For one semester, an international student will pay around 500 euros. In order to qualify for these funds, however, you must have already received confirmation from your government stating that they will cover all or part of your expenses while studying at AMU. Students must apply by March 31st each year and submit documents confirming funding (such as copies of bank statements) within 3 weeks after applying.

4. Jagiellonian University

Located in Kraków, Jagiellonian University is consistently ranked as one of Poland’s best institutions of higher learning. Students who are interested in studying medicine at Jagiellonian University should consider applying for a scholarship from Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft; it awards full scholarships to non-EU/EEA citizens and funding support to EU/EEA students. Research done at Jagiellonian includes studies on cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and infectious diseases. The university has also established partnerships with several foreign universities around the world, including Yale University and Cambridge University. More than 35,000 students attend classes at Jagiellonian each year. Approximately 15% of these students receive some form of financial aid through grants or other types of assistance. It’s worth noting that applicants do not need to have Polish citizenship in order to apply for admission into Jagiellonian University or any other Polish institution of higher education.

5. Adam Mickiewicz University

Adam Mickiewicz University is a well-established institution of higher learning, with more than 6,000 students enrolled. This university offers free scholarships to students who have at least one parent of Polish decent. The goal of these scholarships is to strengthen ties between Poland and young people from countries around the world. If you qualify for an APS scholarship to attend Adam Mickiewicz University, you’ll receive full tuition along with a monthly stipend while attending classes during your degree program. In addition to receiving a quality education at Adam Mickiewicz University, many APS scholars also report feeling welcomed and appreciated as members of a diverse student body made up of individuals from more than 30 different countries. #4 Technical University of Lodz: Technical University of Lodz (TUL) was founded in 1894 and is one of Poland’s most respected institutions of higher learning. TUL has grown into a large school that enrolls nearly 10,000 students each year. Each year, TUL awards nearly 1,500 degrees to its graduates; however, due to limited space on campus, only about 2% of applicants are accepted into TUL each year. To help offset costs for qualified students who might not otherwise be able to afford college tuition fees at TUL, some merit-based scholarships are available through TUL’s scholarship committee.

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