The top 5 universities in England that have free scholarships for international students

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A lot of people believe that studying in England will be expensive, especially if you are an international student from abroad. But there are many universities that offer free scholarships to international students every year, so there is no reason to worry about the cost of studying in England. In this article we’ll list the top 5 universities in England that have free scholarships available to international students like you!

1) University of St Andrews

St Andrews is a town and former burgh in Fife, Scotland. It is named after Saint Andrew, an apostle of Jesus Christ. The town grew from an 11th-century priory founded by Malcolm III and Queen Margaret on a small outcrop of land called St Rock (from which two hills derive their names). By 1511, it had become a Burgh of barony – unique among Scottish burghs. When her only surviving son King James V reached adulthood he launched what has since been known as the great work: turning St Andrews into a Renaissance town worthy of hosting Scotland’s most prestigious university – one that would eclipse all others in learning and prestige. In 1538, he gave his Royal Charter to the University of St Andrews and established its independence from St Salvator’s College in Aberdeen. He also built them a new home at Holyrood Palace – where they remain today. In 1639, Charles I made another momentous decision: to create a brand new college at St Andrews to rival those already existing at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

2) University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is located in Exeter, Devon. It was founded in 1955 as a college of the University of London and became an independent university at its current location on 1 September 1963. In April 2008 it was granted full university status by parliament under powers contained within The Universities Act 2005. The university has more than 18,000 students, of whom around 9,000 are undergraduate degree candidates and just over 1,000 are postgraduate research candidates. There are more than 500 academic staff who teach and conduct research across a range of subjects within its colleges – Artefact, College of Arts & Humanities, St Luke’s College and Streatham – as well as four interdisciplinary programmes between colleges: Archaeology & Anthropology; Environment & Sustainability; Health Sciences; and Business & Law.

3) University of Kent

The University of Kent is a public research university based in Kent, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1965 and is recognised as a plate glass university. The university currently has over 20,000 students. The current Chancellor of the University is Princess Alexandra while Dr Paul O’Prey is Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive. It offers full-time undergraduate courses to around 18,000 students; around 1,500 of whom are international students who come from around 150 different countries. These non-UK students make up more than 25% of all those studying at the university. Students are also able to study part-time or take distance learning degrees. A range of master’s degrees and postgraduate qualifications such as doctorates are offered by all academic schools within the one campus in Canterbury which is surrounded by modern facilities, libraries and sports centres. The University’s Department for Continuing Education provides short courses aimed at adult learners who want to study part time while they work or look after their families, as well as training opportunities specifically designed for overseas diplomatic staff stationed in London.

4) Royal Holloway, University of London

The International Scholarships Office offers a variety of annual awards and scholarships worth £1,000 or more. The university also gives 100 percent fee waivers to Commonwealth citizens coming from countries where English is not an official language. Students can apply for these grants at any time during their studies at Royal Holloway. Some may be awarded on academic merit while others are reserved for those who demonstrate financial need. For information about applying, visit here . For details about additional scholarship opportunities, contact your department or program director.

5) King’s College London

King’s College London is a public research university located in London, United Kingdom. King’s was founded in 1829 by King George IV and Sir Robert Peel under the name of King’s College, as an all-male institution. While it currently has a predominantly undergraduate body, King’s also has some postgraduate work and affiliated schools; it is a member of both the Russell Group of British research universities and the global Universitas 21 network. King’s is most famous for its medical school (which includes one of only two academic health centres in England), but is also known for its Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN), which is part of King’s College London School of Medicine and Dentistry. The IoPPN ranked 8th globally in terms of citations per paper in 2014. It consistently ranks among the top five UK universities for medicine and law, according to league tables published by The Guardian newspaper.

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