Most Expensive Hotels in the World – See Which Ones Will Cost You an Arm and a Leg!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to stay in the most expensive hotel in the world? Or at least take a glimpse inside? We’re guessing not, as most of us can’t afford to shell out thousands of dollars on accommodation alone! But that doesn’t mean we can’t admire these hotels from afar and wonder about the kind of amenities they offer, and which ones are ranked highest on TripAdvisor as the best of the best.

The Mansion at MGM Grand, Las Vegas

If you want to stay where celebrities stay, be prepared to pay. The Mansion at MGM Grand is one of Las Vegas’ most expensive hotels, racking up a whopping $75,000 per night. Located inside MGM Grand on top of their world-famous pool, The Mansion is truly unrivaled in its luxury. Inside, guests can enjoy all of the amenities of staying at any top-of-the-line hotel while being pampered with perks such as massage services and 24/7 butler service. A butler will fulfill any request, no matter how small or large. Even if you don’t get to stay here, it’s worth stopping by for drinks just to see what it looks like. It might not seem like much from outside, but once inside you’ll see why so many famous people flock here.

Villa Leopolda, Cote d’Azur, France

Located on Cote d’Azur, Villa Leopolda is one of three villas belonging to King Leopold II of Belgium, who had it built in 1902. It was later sold to King Farouk of Egypt. He wanted to turn it into an extravagant hotel that would attract movie stars from around the world. His grand plans were never realized, however; Egypt’s ruler died before construction began. The property has since been owned by Viscount Edmond de Rothschild and his family. The current owner is Nasser David Khalili, an Iraqi-born British businessman worth $1 billion. The price tag for staying at Villa Leopolda? A cool $600 per night (and up).

Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

First on our list is Geneva’s Royal Penthouse Suite, available at $65,000 per night. This suite includes four terraces, three full bathrooms, one half bathroom, three living rooms, two kitchens and more. The suite has a beautiful 180-degree view of Lake Geneva. It even comes with its own butler service for your convenience. Sound like something you could use? To book your stay at Hotel President Wilson in Geneva where the Royal Penthouse Suite can be found, head to their website here .

Presidential Suite, Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

Priced at $40,000 per night, Four Seasons Hotel George V is Paris’ most expensive hotel. Located on Avenue George V and only steps away from Place de la Concorde, it’s among some of Paris’ most notable landmarks. Room service is available 24 hours a day, though you may not want to leave your room—the views are beautiful! The private terrace has both sun loungers and comfortable chairs to enjoy. Inside, you’ll find one king-sized bed draped with luxurious linens; walk-in closets line one wall of each room. A marble bathroom features separate bathtubs and showers plus heated floors.

Royal Suite, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

The Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is located on Makati Avenue, just across the street from Greenbelt Park. The hotel offers different types of accommodations, including special suites with extravagant amenities that are tailored to guests’ specific needs. There are three separate Royal Suites at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. Each Royal Suite has its own features and exclusive services: The Executive Royal Suite boasts one king-size bed, extensive views of Manila from its terrace area, and more than 500 square feet of space to enjoy. The Deluxe Royal Suite comes with one king-size bed, two twin beds or two queen-size beds, and access to private butler service for added convenience.

The Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Located inside Malaysia’s Bukit Jalil National Stadium, The Pavilion is a luxury hotel that offers world-class amenities like spa treatments, swimming pools, a shopping center and even an ice rink. The most expensive room at The Pavilion is going to cost you roughly $1,000 per night—but you get what you pay for! Besides being located in one of Kuala Lumpur’s largest buildings, guests staying at The Pavilion will have access to food by celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. It’s hard to find fault with that.

Royal Penthouse at Crown Towers Melbourne

The Royal Penthouse at Crown Towers Melbourne is home to six bedrooms, two full bathrooms, three toilets, five lounges, three kitchens (two of which are outside), and two dining rooms. It’s not cheap either – with an asking price of $40 million Australian dollars (around $32 million). Then again, some have said you get what you pay for. Rooms here come with private butlers, chauffeurs, valets as well as 24-hour room service by international chefs. The penthouse also comes with its own gym, swimming pool and golf range.

Cityvibe Dome Suite, Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin

If you’re a fan of basketball, it might be worth staying at Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin’s Cityvibe Dome Suite just to sleep on the same court where many NBA legends have competed. The $6,700-per-night room features two bedrooms (that can accommodate four guests) as well as two bathrooms. It also has separate living and dining areas, plus city views through glass walls. If you want to use your suite for something other than sleeping, don’t worry; it also features high-end movie theatres with premium leather seating (which is more comfortable than your couch).

Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Dubai

$18,000 per night. Famous for its Seven Star service, The Royal Suite is perfect for those who want to live like royalty. It features its own private lounge, Jacuzzi and dining room, as well as 15 other separate rooms that can be transformed into whatever you desire. What’s more? This suite actually has 24-hour butler service. Just think of all that buttering up you could do…

Antilope Island Lodge, Central African Republic

This hotel was built to be as exclusive as possible—and it works. To access Antilope Island Lodge, you must take a plane ride to a neighboring country where you’ll then be picked up by helicopter and flown to your final destination. Once you arrive, prepare yourself for luxury at its finest. For $1,500 per night, you’ll stay in one of 12 suites that each come with their own sauna or hot tub. The rooms also have huge glass windows (that face out onto nothing but water) that let you soak up every last bit of natural light during your stay.

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